Dog Bite Attacks In Ontario – Three Rottweilers maul 5 year-old girl

On Friday, October 12th, 5 year old Victoria Dehan was playing with Rottweiler puppies in her family’s barn in Pelham, Ontario when she was suddenly attacked by three adult Rottweilers.  Victoria is now in critical condition at Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto.

Victoria has undergone two surgeries since the attack.  Her condition is reported to be improving.  We wish Victoria a fast and full recovery.  Our thoughts are with the Dehan family.

In Ontario, dog owners are responsible for keeping dogs under proper control and if they do not, the owner may be responsible for any harm caused by the dog.  Every year there are over 300 reported dog bite incidents in the City of Toronto alone.

The impact of a dog bite can cause significant physical and psychological injury to an individual who is attacked.

What many people do not know is that the insurance policy a dog owner has on his home or apartment will, in many cases, pay for claims arising out of injuries their dog causes.


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