Brett Babcock: A Winning Spirit

Brett Babcock had a bright-looking future as a competitive trampolinist. Brett moved from Kingston to Edmonton to train with a new gymnastics club. He was perfecting his technique. Brett was on track to compete at the national and international levels.

This all changed on October 1, 2012. During a training session, while attempting a triple back pike dismount, Brett under rotated and struck his head on the landing mat during his third rotation. He could not feel or move his legs. The fall caused irreparable damage to his spinal cord. At that instant, Brett’s career as a competitive gymnast was over.

Brett was rendered a quadriplegic. He spent over a month in an acute care hospital and several more months after that in a rehabilitation hospital.

While rehabbing, Brett turned his mind back to competitive sports. He made the decision to pursue track and field. Early in 2014, Brett entered the Paralympic Committee ParAthletics Grand Prix in Switzerland. He competed in the 100m, 200m, and 400m wheelchair races, as well as the discus and club throws. He then competed in the 2014 Track and Field Championships in Moncton, New Brunswick. Brett set a Canadian record in the F51 quadriplegic club throw.

Through hard work, dedication and perseverance, Brett has achieved significant athletic success. In September, Brett began his first year at Carleton University and hopes to continue with his athletic endeavours.

Congratulations Brett. There are no limits to what you can achieve.


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