10 Tips for Cycling Safely With Traffic

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcStG3d 1gUXiSAjrirZJX3Ghv7aC4WBxHWith the gorgeous summer weather, we are seeing an increasing number of cyclists on the road.  Many people  are new to cycling in an urban environment and even those of us who have been cycling for some time can use a refresher on safe cycling practices.

Joe Travers at Biking Toronto has been posting a helpful series titled, “10 Secrets to Cycling with Traffic”.  A link to each of his ten tips is below.  Feel free to use the comments section to discuss your own tips or to provide a critique of Mr. Travers’ tips.

  1. Drivers Don’t Want to Kill You
  2. Ride in a Straight Line
  3. Play by the Rules
  4. Avoid the “Stoplight Squeeze”
  5. Signal Sensibly
  6. Take That Lane
  7. Make Them THINK You’re Unpredictable
  8. Ride With Others
  9. Avoid the Right Hook
  10. Practice Your Route

Patrick Brown


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