Pursuing Compensation for a Collision in a Construction Zone

Pursuing Compensation for a Collision in a Construction Zone

Written By: Brandon Pedersen and Mandeep Tamber, Summer Student

According to the Ontario Road Safety Annual Report (found here), construction vehicles are frequently involved in collisions in Ontario. This does not come as a surprise as poorly planned construction zones disrupt traffic and create an increased risk of driving incidences that might not occur on a roadway without construction.

What is a Construction Zone?

Construction zones can be defined as an area marked with traffic control devices such as signage or pylons. These markings will be seen at the beginning and end of the zone. There may be a traffic control person to help direct the flow of traffic.

One common reason for construction zone collisions is negligent road construction and poor construction planning. It is possible the municipality responsible for the construction zone or the construction company responsible for the construction zone will be found liable for creating an unsafe situation resulting in injury to road users including drivers and pedestrians.

Determining which party or parties are liable for a construction zone collision is a complicated matter. These parties can include: another driver, a municipality, the construction company, and even product manufacturers. Personal Injury Lawyers at McLeish Orlando LLP are experts in determining whether there was a negligent party who failed to take steps to ensure the safety of road users.

Tips to Stay Safe in Construction Zones

  • Stay highly alert and give all your attention to the road by eliminating any possible distractions.
  • Pay close attention to signs and construction zone signs and equipment.
  • Use your headlights so workers are aware of your presence.
  • Adhere to the posted speed limits (for safety reasons, speeding fines are doubled in construction zones where workers are present.
  • Do not change lanes in a construction zone unless necessary.
  • Be vigilant by keeping an eye on the workers in case of any sudden movement.
  • Remove minor collisions from traffic to reduce congestion, frustration, and time from your commute.
  • Be patient! These work zones are for creating a better driving experience for you.

Filing a construction zone collision injury claim can help you get back on your feet and feeling like yourself again. It can help pay for the medical expenses associated with getting you the healthcare providers you need for both your physical self and mental wellbeing. It can cover lost wages, for both the past and the future. To find out what else you can recover to feel like you can live like yourself again, contact us. You only have a limited amount of time to commence a personal injury lawsuit due to the statute of limitations and even less when the negligent party is the municipality. As per the Municipal Act, there is a ten-day notice period for commencing claims.

If you or a someone you know are a victim of a construction zone collision and have suffered physical, psychological, or cognitive injuries as a result, McLeish Orlando lawyers can help. We are a personal injury law firm, experienced in dealing with many types of injuries. We will get you what you need to enjoy the best quality of life possible. Book a free consultation to have your case assessed at no cost to you by a McLeish Orlando lawyer.

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