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Personal Injury Publications

The LAT Handbook: Dispute Resolution Procedure for Accident Benefits

Learn an easy to follow step-by-step procedure for working with the new dispute resolution system

By John McLeish, Dale Orlando and Patrick Brown

A Guide to Automobile Insurance Compensation

Request a copy of the latest edition of “A Guide to Automobile Insurance Compensation”.

We feel that this Guide will assist you with any questions you might have when it comes to automobile insurance compensation.

Effective Report Writing Guide

Request a copy of the latest edition that contains much new information that was not contained in our sixth edition, published almost three years ago, including:

– The role of an expert witness,
– How to deal with the recent changes to the law regarding causation,
– Ways to set your report apart from other reports.

We feel this Guide will assist you when you have questions about effective report writing and help you to prepare if a particular case goes to trial.

Accident Benefits Guide

This guide simplifies the process of understanding what accident victims are entitled to and how to access those benefits.

By John McLeish, Dale Orlando & Patrick Brown 

The Oatley McLeish Guide to Scheduling Civil Trials and Other Matters in Ontario Courthouses

A “how-to” manual for scheduling civil pre-trial conferences and trials in all 50 courthouses throughout Ontario.

By John McLeish & Roger Oatley

The Oatley-McLeish Guide to Personal Injury Practice in Motor Vehicle Cases

This resource provides the essential step-by-step guidance you need to effectively manage the complexities of Ontario’s no-fault insurance system.

By John McLeish & Roger Oatley

The Oatley-McLeish Guide to Brain Injury Litigation

This guide is designed to show you how to conduct a brain injury case from start to finish with simple explanations of the medical conditions and terms you’ll encounter in a brain injury case.

By John McLeish & Roger Oatley

The Oatley-McLeish Guide to Anatomy and Impairment

This guide is an invaluable compendium resource written especially for personal injury lawyers in this complex field and features explanations of major injury types and resulting impairment, proven advocacy strategies, detailed illustrations, and plain language.

By John McLeish & Roger Oatley

The Oatley-McLeish Guide to Demonstrative Advocacy

Learn how to effectively use demonstrative evidence, at each stage of litigation, from opening statement to cross examination to closing statement.

By John McLeish & Roger Oatley

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