Bryan Sansom, Associate, McLeish Orlando – Student 2014-2017

“I think what sets the student experience at McLeish Orlando apart from that at other firms is the hands on experience. The tasks we’re challenged with so early in our career and the support we get from the lawyers and staff really make working at MO a unique learning experience. I’ve been very fortunate to be on my feet in court, attend pre-trial conferences, mediations, and examinations for discovery, all of which was made possible by the guidance and mentorship we get from some of the country’s best lawyers.

However, the best part of the job is absolutely the firm culture and the people. The students are invited to events like the lawyers retreat, the firm summer social and even the MO Christmas party. We have lunch with the lawyers daily, and social drinks every Friday afternoon. My time at MO has been an unparalleled learning experience but it’s the people that make it such a great job.”

– Bryan Sansom

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