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Change. For Good. Webinar – The Blakely Health Innovation Series by Toronto Rehab Institute

McLeish Orlando is proud to be a sponsor of the Change. For Good. Webinar as a part of The Blakely Health Innovation Series by Toronto Rehab Institute. 

Changing a behaviour starts with an idea. How do we go from acting on an idea to sustaining a health behaviour? Why do some succeed in maintaining a health behaviour and others not? Join Dr. Paul Oh, Medical Director of Toronto Rehab’s Cardiovascular Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Program, and GoodLife Fitness Chair at UHN, as we discuss what we can do to Change. For Good.

Learn the science behind health behaviour change; the ingredients needed to create a meaningful plan, and maintaining an informed health habit. This is the first in an exciting free four-part webinar series led by medical experts who will discuss the latest evidence and strategies to improve your health and well-being. Don’t delay, get yourself started on a journey towards better health, today!

Click here to watch the webinar!


Nov 19 2019
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