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Pedestrian and Cyclist Accidents

In 2011, The Ontario Road Safety Annual reports states that 21 bicyclists were killed, there were 113 major injuries and 2,179 were injured in motor vehicle accidents. Many of the people harmed in car-bike accidents are children.

Our lawyers  provide effective legal advice and representation to those injured in cyclist accidents and to the family members of those who died in such accidents. We pursue maximum compensation for the full extent of our clients’ damages.

Cyclist accidents can result in catastrophic injuries, including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures and other serious orthopaedic injuries, internal injuries, abrasions (road rash) and lacerations.

Bike-vehicle accidents can be caused by distracted driving, speeding or drunk drivers. Aggressive drivers may try to run cyclists off the road or turn in front of them. Bikers are frequently injured when drivers of parked vehicles open a door in front of a cyclist or pull away from the curb and into an oncoming cyclist’s path. In addition to motor vehicle accidents, cyclists also frequently suffer injuries from dog attacks.

Those injured in cyclist accidents could be entitled to accident benefits. These benefits are meant to provide an immediate source of relief and recovery. This includes benefits such as partial (or total) income replacement benefits, attendant care benefits, supplemental medical and rehabilitation benefits, non-earner benefits, and funeral and death benefits. It is our top priority to ensure that you get the proper medical treatment and rehabilitation necessary to embark on a path to recovery and regain maximum functionality after the accident.

At McLeish Orlando, we utilize a wide range of resources to assist people who have been injured in cycling accidents. We conduct thorough investigations, interview witnesses and get experts on the site of the accidents as soon as possible to assist in accident reconstruction. We evaluate a number of materials, including black boxes, safety records and skid markings on the pavement. No matter what type of injury you may be suffering, the lawyers at our firm will make certain that all available pools of compensation have been accessed. At McLeish Orlando, we take immediate action and work to make certain that all sources of insurance compensation and rehabilitation are pursued.

Our lawyers are not only well-versed in the law; we also understand cycling and the issues faced by cyclists. Several of us commute to work by bicycle. Firm partner Patrick Brown is a founding member of the Toronto Cyclist Union, which promotes safe passage for cyclists on Toronto’s streets. McLeish Orlando’s staff proudly support the various cycling events such as Bike Month which happens each year in June. We also support cycling by presenting our annual McLeish Orlando Helmets on Kids event. Over the past five years more than 2,000 helmets have been donated by McLeish Orlando’s Helmets on Kids Campaign throughout the City of Toronto. The campaign, put on in conjunction with the Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs, is geared towards bringing safety awareness to young cyclists and their families and to urge all cyclists to wear helmets while they are cycling.

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